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Sithtseeing on a Segway
Posted by Pim ter Linde , April 6 at 13:35
It is always nice when you discover a gadget that is still new and useful for incentives if it concerns mobility. CISKA PETERS EVENTS has already once looked after 40 Vespa scooters for 40 relations of SHARP driving through the countryside of Florence to a restaurant for an unforgettable lunch.

In Malaga we discovered the Segway. A 1-person transporter on 2 wheels that reacts to the movement of the body. It looks simple but it is a miracle of technique. You step and stand on it, then you wait until the electronics have measured the weight of your body and after the green light you are ready-to-go. Weight forward is ahead, to the back reverse and with something in between it stands still. In your hands you hold a sort of steering wheel but that is not what it is for. You steer with a sort of gas handle. You have to get used to this and for this reason Segway Rides in Malage does not give these 6000 euro costing vehicles to you straight away. For this you will have to do something. A training. Well that seems turn out better than expected.

The attractive Carmen carefully ties the bands of a safety helmet tailor-made on your head. Safety helmet? Yes, that is a pity in this matter. Mrs. Peters had just been to the hairdresser and made serious objections and also the undersigned rather likes wind through the hair. The Policia of Malaga are however unrelenting. Take it or leave it. Take it therefore. And under the guidance of the then all of a sudden also unrelenting Carmen you have to practise until you have the Segway under control. O.K. On our test ride through Malaga it turned out to be a sensational nice item. Malaga proved to be the city for this. Broad boulevards and many pedestrian areas. Because there you are allowed to go with your Segway. You also go by the narrowest lanes and everyone has a big smile for you.

Meanwhile in practice it has been proven that a group of 8 persons is the maximum for a Segway tour. A guide in front and one behind with mutual radio communication. The office of Segway Rides is next to the most famous bar-bodega of Malaga: El Pimpi. Cute name. And of course there is no nicer spot to end the tour. CPE intents to use the Segway for sure on events in Spain and also in the Netherlands, because meanwhile also in the Netherlands they are available. A pity is that the legislation provisionally has decided to give permission to use them on designated area’s. Well, we will do so.
Left tourguide Carmen and right manager Anna Nyari
In front of Malaga's famous bar El Pimpi
This is how it should be done: with a safety helmet on

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