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Posted by Ciska Peters , Januari 11 at 11:07
The popular radio station Radio 5 for older young ones, or if you like younger old ones, is preparing a Top 100 of Dutch songs. And I am nominated with 4 songs: “De meiden van de kermis”, “De zwarte kat”, “Wie weet” and together with Ronnie Tober “Naar de kermis”. And even then my own favourites like “Dans naar de zon” and “Zeeman” are not even mentioned!

But listeners who want to participate in the election (go to and the rest will be shown automatically) can also choose for songs that are not nominated. So you know now! Although I don’t perform any more for a long period, but I will be very proud if one of my songs will end in the Top 100 of Dutch Songs.

On January 25th the entire list will be broadcasted between 10.00-17.00 hrs.

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