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Admiral sailings climax at the 160 years old existence of the KNZ&RV
Posted by Pim ter Linde , August 28 at 11:22
At the end of our holiday in Zeeland we ensured that the Green Queen had moored on time in the port of our association KNZ&RV (The Royal Dutch Sail & Rowboat Association) in Muiden for the celebration of 32nd lustrum. A festivity on the Dutch paddlewheel boat Kapitein Kok, a communial breakfast on the most beautiful terrace of the Netherlands – right opposite castle the Muiderslot - all truly nice, but the real peak we thought was the admiral sailing on the last day. Almost 70 sailing ships had been classified in 12 squadrons which saluted with a fleet of boats in several lines to the Admiral, in this case the Commissioner of the Queen of the province Noord Holland, followed by a spectacular mirror fighting.

With a motorboat like we have we don’t get very far with our faithful Green Queen in this specific sailors happening, therefore we were gladly surprised getting an invitation of Gert Jan and Pauline Visser to join them on their splendid Lemsteraak ‘De Zeeleeuw’. And also on board – how small is the world - the president of the Marbella Dutch Business Club: Henk Baay and its wife Martine. She was a study mate of Pauline Visser, both recommendable lawyers now, so juridical that was okay for today. For this very reason already between the piers of Muiden Gert Jan handed over the rudder of the Zeeleeuw without worries to Pim ter Linde, so that all attention could be given to hoisting the sails. It was a fantastic day, sunshine, windforce 3 to 4. and it became a real enervating happening. But it is also hard work on such a Lemsteraak. You get really tired!! Although it was a splendid sight to see how Gert Jan and Pauline kept their large ship (16.5 meters) in perfectly teamwork on course, we were also very much satisfied when in the end, - later that night – we sailed home on our ship in the sunset, a small glass of Chardonnay within reach. On these moments we always – sometimes at the same time - use to say to each other: "how can one be fully satisfied with little things”.
The Lemsteraak De Zeeleeuw
Gert Jan Visser (coffe and cake) and Pim ter Linde (rudder)
The juristical department
Same haircolour fixing?
Ir. J. van den Heuvel, captain of 't Grauwe Haantje saluts the admiral as commander of our squadron
Admiral sailing. Isn't it beautiful?

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