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Ex nun from Vught creates miracles in Marbella
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 19 at 11:24
The famous convent Regina Coeli, better known as the language institute "the nuns of Vught" has lost since a few years a very appreciated disciple. Drs. Beatríz Ontañón Ruiz left the convent and established herselves in Marbella in order to give private lessons in the Spanish language. She gives these lessons according to the method of Vught: only by speaking in this language. Therefore if there comes a Dutch sentence of us in between, immediately she asks "Qué?" Well, for Ms Peters with her linguistic talent this is not a large problem, but when it’s happening to the person mentioned above, one can speak of a little miracle . And since we were on the Féria the la Tapa in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and carefree took a bite of tripe, because we did not know the word "callos", we pay more and more attention during her lessons.

A small test of competence as task `tell in short something about yourself’:
“Me llamo Pim ter Linde. Soy Holandés y he nacido en Hengelo. Tengo sesenta y seis años. Estoy casado con Ciska. Y nosotros tenemos una empresa de organización de eventos. Mis aficiones son el golf, navegar, el fútbol y (un poco) los toros. Nosotros vivimos 2 meses en la primavera y dos meses en el otoño en España. En verano nosotros navegamos con nuestro barco de motor en Holanda, Bélgica y Alemania. Cuando estamos en España residimos en nuestro apartamento en la Urbanización Alcores del Golf en Nueva Andalucia en Marbella”.

"Zero errors!" Beatríz jubilated. And then you think that you start know a little. But unfortunately in the once so pious Spain you are confronted on the TV with indeed breathtaking female hosts with décolleté's up to the navel and they seem to have a competition in who can speak the fastest Spanish. Well, as far as we are concerned they all win. The only thing is we can hardly follow it. We will see our doctoranda for some time. This weekend Beatriz no longer sticks to the celibacy and marries the Dutch historian Peter Burgers. Felicidades y grazias por tu paciencia. Her company is called "On site languages". E-mail:

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