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Like a bite of tripe?
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 18 at 13:40
From office Marbella the total Board of Directors of CPE travelled to Sanlúcar de Barrameda, approximately 30 km from Jerez, at the Atlantic ocean. It is the place where the manzanilla wine comes from. It is the sea wind which blows through the storages with the barrels in which the wine lies that gives the manzanilla that delicious salty crackling character. From way back in Andalusia it is the right combination with the tapa. This was the reason that in Sanlúcar the Feria de la Tapa was held for the eighth time to underline the perfect combination of both. And we found it interesting to examine if there were incentive possibilities within. And it certainly has! Because also in the rest of the world the interest for the Spanish tapas is rising. Generally they present to you a bucket of olives, some slices of Serranoham, spicy meatballs or a slice of chorizo sausage. But during the Feria the la Tapa you got acquainted with the high school of tapa preparing. The rectangular feria area was bordered by a tent complex where 12 of the best tapas bars of Sanlúcar held reception. Prices? € 1.50 per tapa portion and € 4.00 for half a bottle of manzanilla. (Solear, La Guita and our favourite: La Gitana). At the purchase of the necessary payment coupons you received for €1.00 a nice engraved sherryglas. The visitors walked with their bottles of sherry and guided by a plan on which the different tapas bars were mentioned and also their specialities from bar to bar. What to think of “pollo de naranja perfumado de manzanilla” of "patatas rellenas de bacalao al ajo arriero". We started with “callos con espinaca a la extremeña. Something fleshy with spinach and frog peas. We liked it. But in the very advisable hotel Los Tartaneros we saw in our dictionary that "callos" stands for tripe. Well...
VIII Feria de la Tapa in Sanlúcar de Barrameda
Una manzanilla y dos "callos con espinaca a la extremena" por favor
The recommandable hotel Los Tartaneros

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