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The power of recommandation
Posted by Ciska Peters , November 18 at 12:39
Each company - shop at the corner or multinational - has been gilded (or at least should be) if an assignment comes in by recommendations of a previous client. CISKA PETERS EVENTS recently had an assignment which was originated by one the nicest birthday party's which she had organised for the - late - Fred Plesman in the ballroom of hotel Newport in Huizen. Externally caterered by Verhaaf Party Catering. Son-in-law Frank spoke at this time the remarkable qualification: "before you know it you are sitting in your own dinner show". That was complimentary language which also reached the couple Veldhuis. They could not be there, but the enthusiastic tales of the people present did their work. Hans and Astrid Veldhuis also wanted in particular to give their 50st wedding anniversary a personal touch. Briefing: "140 guests, of which 6 children and 15 grandchildren and it must an exiting mixture of family parts and a professional dash of entertainment located in a cosy location". It turned out to take place in Groot Kievitsdal between Hilversum and Baarn. A multi-purpose location with - among other things - a bowling area for the kids and also - after two culinary tests - the correct choice was found. At such an event it is important to keep and hold the personal touch. And also here an intensive cooperation with the children is essential. During many good briefings a good mix could be made of all kinds of elements which were interesting for both close friends and some further ceding guests. The family provided an almost professional Master or Ceremony named Hans Beumer and further more there was the Jigger Bigger Band, The Lex van Wel Swinging Orchestra, Laura Fygi and an overwhelming Laser Show as a final element. It turned out to be a balanced programme. There were many compliments, but the most beautiful came from Astrid Veldhuis saying: "it was as I had hoped that it would be!".
The Jigger Bigger Band welcomes the guests
Laura Fygi and Hans Beumer
This is how you celebrate!

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