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Our Secret Tip in Antwerp: Restaurant Gin-Fish
Posted by Ciska Peters , August 6 at 19:31
Antwerp is such a culinary paradise that made us hesitate which restaurant we should recommend to you as our “secret tip”. Because for instance Le Petit Zinc, Dock’s Café and Le Zoute Zoen (whenever we buy a new ship we shall give it this name) all 3 are top. But our secret tip Gin-Fish is far out the best. Not really secret because it has already a Michelin star, but it is not really known. You can find it in a little street coming from the Grote Markt, the Haarstraat. It’s a very small little restaurant with an open kitchen and there you find a counter with about 12 seats where you eat. In a room next to this you find another12 seats, but this is not the place to be. So no chef’s table, but a chef’s counter, because you look chief cook Didier Garnich and his sous on their fingers. There’s only one menu and only fish. Except for the dessert of course. “Do you want a “bolleke (icecreamball) more?” Yes, we loved to.

Well, enough study travelling, we are going to have a holiday and head our Green Queen for heavenly salty Zeeland. At the end of August we will be there again.

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