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Our Secret tip in Maastricht: Restaurant Gio's
Posted by Pim ter Linde , August 6 at 19:26
You will find seldom someone out of Maastricht on the terrace side of the Vrijthof. This is the place to be for the tourists. On the opposite side, where Gio’s, Perroen and Luca are situated, you can hear the typical Maastricht language.

Gio’s Cucina Casalinga is very popular and fully booked from 18.00 to 24.00 hrs. and you even cannot make a reservation! They have a unique system to keep the place crowded. You give them your mobile number, have a drink on some other terrace at the Vrijthof and they will call you whenever they have a table ready for you. Gio’s doesn’t have a menu card. The first course is Rucola salad with Parmesan cheese with tomato and mozzarella and largely sparkled with olive oil. Next a choice out of ravioli with tomato sauce and basil leaves or penne with olive oil and garlic. At the main course there’s a choice between scampi, beef or lamb. In spite of all her popularity Gio’s did not make any concessions to the principals of a modest, but o so tasteful Italian kitchen. The size of the portions are big, so we said no to the lovely looking Tiramisu which was served at the table next to us. It was necessary to support ourselves to do so. We kept under € 45,00 per person including a nice bottle of house wine and coffee. No negative points? Well one. Connie Francis. We like her, but not the whole evening….

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