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Site-inspection: 't Bassin in Maastricht and Carolina de Holanda
Posted by Ciska Peters , August 6 at 19:25
Maastricht is for CPE an important incentive location so once a year we sacrifice ourselves to go there with our sailing office the Green Queen. One should be kept informed by the latest developments. Almost in the heart of the city lies the renewed historic inside harbour ‘t Bassin, where the kind Lei Souren is the harbourmaster. We always stay there one week, because Maastricht is the loveliest city of the Netherlands. That’s being said.

In ‘t Bassin in old basements cellars are four restaurants: the nautic restaurant Le Bon Bassin and Casa Bassin from the Timmers family, the Italian restaurant Molo5 and the Harbour Club, spectacularly decorated by Jan des Bouvrie, where Gijs van Eerd, like Hans van Wolde from Beluga, also a former souschef from Toine Hermsen, now has a place of his own.

At Quatorze Juillet Casa Bassin organized a concert of the Tex Mex Band Borderdline together with a performance of Carolina de Holanda. She is called the Dutch Maria de Lourdes, the favourite Mexican singer of the late prince Bernhard. Also in our cd collection Maria de Lourdes is good for about 4 inches. It was exactly the perfect music for this very warm day in a crowded Bassin. We enjoyed it from the deck of our ship where also the big Carolina de Holanda fan Sandra Reemer and director of the Gaykrant (newspaper) Henk Krol joined us for a drink.
We think that Carolina de Holanda will present herself better when she will be accompanied by an original Mariachi band – which was proven by the many extra’s she sang with her own backing tapes – but also with Borderline her performance was very successful. We didn’t know her, but it tasted like more.

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