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3 Special Moments
Posted by Pim ter Linde , August 6 at 19:22
* Shortly after the euphoric moment in restaurant Solo* in Gorinchem, we moored our boat at De Fuik in Aalst. With high expectations: recently selected by magazine Talkies as the best terrace of the Netherlands and in magazine Lekker listed at nr. 13 of of the top 100 Dutch restaurants, which is very good. Because of the dramatic weather dining outside on the terrace was impossible, but okay, inside it can be nice of course. It became a deception. Cook and servants were functioning on the automatic pilot. Uninspired together with a disappointing result. In these cases we always say to each other “and this should cost more than FL. 500,00!” We immediately start counting in guilders, because it sounds more dramatic. That was De Fuik in Aalst. We shall not be there any more.

* A warning for Douwe Egberts Smooth Café
The newest drink by DE is being promoted on trendy terraces in the Netherlands. It’s a nice cool coffee drink with cream, so it perfectly fits in our diet. In order to make the drink more tasteful we shaked the bottle. Like one does with chocomel. And that’s what we shouldn’t have done. It is also written on the bottle…
Okay, it sprayed all over the place. We thanked all beautiful ladies on the terrace of Sonny’s on the Vismarkt in Den Bosch. They were covered with marks of Smooth Café. But they kept on smiling. At this very moment the owner of Sonny’’s came out on the terrace and we asked him if the tables always were badly cleaned. Anyway, DE Smooth Café please don’t shake it but keep on smiling.

* We scored a reservation at the Librije*** in Zwolle
The Librije is a very famous restaurant awarded with 3 stars in the Guide Michelin.We hardly believe it ourselves because we tried many times without result, because it must fit in our sailing schedule of the Green Queen. You can comfortably moore directly at the back of the restaurant. But on May 17th 2008 – repeat 2008 – it finally is happening! 2 Persons at 20.00 hrs. At least we have plenty of time to save money for this.

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