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Site-inspection: Restaurant Solo* in Gorinchem and a promising ladyhost
Posted by Pim ter Linde , August 6 at 19:13
CISKA PETERS EVENTS operates again from our sailing office Green Queen and we take the opportunity to surprise some locations and restaurants at the waterfront.

Solo* in Gorinchem was on our list for quite a while. Masterchef Mohammed Elharouchi was educated in the kitchens of La Rive, Parkheuvel and Vermeer and describes his way of cooking as a mixture of French, Mediterranean and Moroccan. Three styles plus the fact that Michelin awarded him with a star after 2 years, put him on top of our list of most wanted. And we had a marvellous dinner. A light kitchen with surprising tasting accents.

A second surprise was the lady host. Well lady host, you can say girl host. We estimated her at the low twenties. A smashing blink in the eyes, a Maccleans whitened smile and she wasn’t really standing in the back of the line when the Lord divided the better proportions. Actually she could walk straight on the catwalk. After serving of the aperitif (no Manzanilla again but we promised to stop about this) she presented the menu du chef. The 4 course menu with all the surpluses was brought to her in a superior way. Pim and I looked at each other and said “we really discovered a top-girl”. This was the menu that she mentioned without any hesitation and enthusiasm:
- een crème van meloen met sorbet van komkommer en lauwwarme gamba’s
met kerrie-olie, dragon en venkelsaus
- dun gesneden tonijn met sereh-schuim, citrus-salsa, eendenleverkrullen en
gebakken inktvis afgeblust in zijn eigen inkt.
- op het karkas gebraden Anjou-duif met gebakken schorseneren, gekonfijte
witlof, gestoofde witte ui met citroen, kumquat, marjolein en gevogeltejus
- dessert: gesuikerde groenten met Noordafrikaanse specerijen en yoghurt mint
(Sorry that we did not translate this, but is good for your dutch language)
You see, that’s where we came for..
The amuses were served with an explication as if a jeweler shows his precious things to his best clients. Enjoy together with us:
- meloen met dungesneden Ibericoham met mint en mintolie, mousse van
tomaat met sinaasappel koriander gelei en tartaar van aubergine met krokant broodkruim.

After dinner we inquired which hotel school she was educated. Liselotte, which seemed to be her name, didn’t go to a higher hotel school. She joined a MBO Horeca training at De Rooie Pannen in Breda. Never heard of it, but it must be a good school. Meanwhile masterchef Mohammed Elharough appeared at our table to present another pre-amuse. He does this absolutely adorable. But the feeling stays that he feels better behind his stove and so it should be! Resuming, restaurant Solo* in Gorinchem we can recommend very much.

And for all our colleges looking for top talent: in Gorinchem you can find a pearl. Her name is Liselotte van Son.

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