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Herring Party Marbella Dutch Business Club
Posted by Pim ter Linde , June 1 at 16:29
Last summer, at the first day of an exhibition of famous Dutch Photographer Paul Huf in Marbella, I met again the president of the MDBC Hendrik Baay. Several times we were invited to the the famous Marbella Dutch Business Club’s Herring Party. I also surfed to, where this device stroke me: “Trade is the source of relationship between people”. We agreed to that and so I proposed carefully if it wasn’t a good idea that my partner Ciska Peters should become a member of the MDBC. Hendrik Baay (Henk for friends) looked at me, frowned his eyebrows, was silent for a while and then he said: “for the MDBC you don’t sign in”- again he paused – “you are asked for”. Well, that’s clear language on which modest silence is the best reaction.

But look, several months later, during the loveliest Spanish autumn, vice president Hans Wielaard called us and said “on behalf of the president I have the honour to invite Ciska Peters to become a member of the MDBC. Meanwhile Ciska joined in for two of the monthly meetings ,as always held at Puento Romano, and she thinks they are useful. On this posting several pictures of the Herring Party 2007

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