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100 Years of the KNMC (Royal Dutch Motorboat Club)
Posted by Ciska Peters , Mai 27 at 17:48
Since we live in “City at the waterfront" Huizen we became enthusiastic for the water sports. We operate not only from our office in Huizen or oficina Marbella, but also from our faithful motorboat Green Queen. With the modern ways of communication this goes without problems. Last winter our boat was painted in Akkrum in Friesland (beautiful professionally done by K. Kooistra!) and we combined the picking up of the boat with our participation at the unique Jubilee tour which the 100 years old KNMC had organized for their members. An event of 5 weeks that just had started and that goes on until half June and where in total 130 boats will participate. You can join in for all 5 distances but also book for one of them. Last week we sailed – with beautiful weather – the “Round through Friesland” and joined the group in Vollenhove. Via Ossenzijl, Sneek, Joure and Giethoorn we said goodbye in Kampen after 6 days. In September we will be present again at the Nautic Jubilee Festivity in Den Helder.
The Green Queen in the Oude Buitenhaven in Kampen

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