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Things must not get crazier in Marbella
Posted by Ciska Peters , Mai 6 at 17:16
• Almost 2 months now we operate from our office in Marbella a.o. to prepare an event in Sevilla. Normally springtime in Spain is the most beautiful time. But we are already nearly 2 months here and the weather is absolutely awful. As long as it is beautiful weather in Holland and the UK, as long as this period it’s terrible here. “We only have to go 10 more days...”
• Meanwhile we tried to change from internet provider Wanadoo to Telefonica, because sometimes things went wrong. We keep the details away from you, but it’s worse than KPN in the Netherlands. And 6 weeks without internet connection it’s a bad thing nowadays. But we do know now every cybercafe in the area. Which is really nice also.
• But what really is Marbella, is the new service of Cafe Restaurant Starz for dogs (you’re right) a service for dogs. In Spain, where perro’s belong to the lower class. At Starz they serve a choice menu for our French bulldog Katie. She doesn’t know what’s happening to her. Neither do we. That’s why we stay in the south of Spain and after all why we like Marbella.

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