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Site inspection: Royal Palace Soestdijk and Restaurant 't Spiehuis in Soest
Posted by Pim ter Linde , March 23 at 11:08
As you might have noticed on this blog our site-inspections always are a combination of an interesting item, program or excursion and a restorative possibility close by. For many years we lived in Soest and “have something” with the former Royal Palace Soestdijk. And while it is now possible we had to see it inside of course. Is it also interesting for people who are non residents of Soest? Yes it is! Follow us. From the organizing point of view (like ours) a perfect job was done. A family home palace making suitable for tours is not so simple. Routing, the making of a huge parking place (with affection able orange tipped poles) an entrance building, the wardrobe, catering facilities in the former Oranjerie (greenhouse) and a shop in the water tower. Then starting the website to make reservations, training guides, making an introduction movie, the routing through the palace and garden, it’s all very much okay. We - as baby-boomers - and used to the Queensday marches-past on the 30th of April think of a visit to the palace as a nostalgic and beloved memory. But most of the young ones or not being Dutch will wonder after a visit what actually is so specific about it. The place is almost fully stripped. And that is a pity. In the former representative rooms some stuff was added from the governmental depots. The private part is practically empty and remarkably small, just like the terrace where the marches-past took place. And when you are standing upon this historically terrace the Amsterdamse Straatweg appears to be very close. More than impressive is the beautiful garden behind the palace that we unfortunately had to watch from under our umbrella’s. At the palace the strict upstairs/downstairs regime seemed to be a rule. Many former employees who, after 40 years of employment, took part of the first upstairs excursions in order to see where they worked before downstairs....

We booked our tour at 11.15 hrs. in order to have lunch in ‘t Spiehuis in Soest with a view almost at the palace gardens. This restaurant is managed for many years by the Herfst family and, however nowadays runned by the second generation, Ron as a host and Harrie behind the stove, nothing has been changed in hospitality, ambiance and (fortunately) the biggest part of the menu. Here you still can eat the original Boeuf Stroganoff and beautiful soles are being served with a second service. It was top. Only the aperitif we wished, a Manzanilla sherry. Not even here. We’ll stop about this. The next two months we will operate from our Marbella office and there the question will not be if there is a Manzanilla, but which one. Look, those are real worries. La Gitana please.
Upstairs:left the office of Princess Juliana,right the one of Prince Bernhard. Downstairs: the kitchen and other maintenance areas.
Unfortunately watching the beautiful palace garden from under the umbrella's.

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