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CISKA PETERS EVENTS uses AED as a standard at events
Posted by Ciska Peters , March 12 at 12:10
An AED is an Automatic Extern Defibrillator. An appliance that is used in traumatic-situations where speed of treatment on the spot is of vital importance. We found out that there are many locations where this supply is not there or – if there is one – no one on duty knows how the instrument works. Therefore we decided to add this service as a standard at all events we organize. In order to realize an optimal result in these situations me and my partner Pim ter Linde went to a training at KLM Health Services on Schiphol Airport. A training divided in two parts: first the BSL – Basic Life Support – (reanimation) and second the AED training. For this our agency bought a Heartstart defibrillator from Philips Medical Services. We hope that we never have to use it, but it gives you a good feeling to know what to do whenever bad cases like this happen.
The Heartstart Defibrillator from Philips Medical Services

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