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Site inspection: Brasserie Stijl and in Singer Laren: Sanne Wallis de Vries
Posted by Pim ter Linde , March 10 at 19:25
It is a nice combination: going to the theatre and have a bite before. With or without a package deal. Opposite Singer Theatre in Laren lays a nice restaurant in farmish style, in early days named “De Vrije Heere”, at present called Brasserie Stijl. A bit Spartanic but furnished in a pure style. Stijl itselves says that “it stands for a beautiful ambience, correct price-quality standards and a bit pigheaded”. We love this. That’s why we ordered our favorite aperitif Manzanilla sherry. Alas! “You said something with vanilla?”. Instead we ordered white house wine, it appealed to be a good Chilene Sauvignon Blanc.

There is a 3 course theatre menu, but we went for the 2 a-la-carte. My table-fairy ordered a terrine of calf sucade and duck liver (€ 12,95) and for myself Salad Stijl (€16,95) defined as a mixture of delicacies. For this price one expects a rich salad with some shrimps, a peace of lobster, a slice of salmon, langouste and some duck liver curls. Yes, those are the things we love. But Salad Stijl contains all indistinctly mashes and slices. A mash of shrimps, a slice of pate, some slices of lambs ham, potato mash, a tasteful piece of confit of duck, a slice of calf sucade with a very tiny peace of duck liver, some Bünderfleisch and a brown ball. We had to guess but we didn’t find out what it was.
All together a disappointment. Surprisingly the main courses were very good. A perfect well cooked salmon and a real crispy sweetbread. Does de kitchen chief really occupies him selve with main courses?

The theatre time was approaching, but we still had time to share a parfait of “ farmerboys” with little pancakes (typical Dutch “poffertjes”). There was some doubt about the origin of some slushes in Salad Stijl, but here the half fabricates were demasked ruthlessly. A slice of ice from the ice factory, 1 strawberry and a twine with red berries (it is still wintertime!). In Laren, where everybody knows the famous pancake place Cornelis de Haan and how they taste there, to serve some very hard and dry ready-to-serve slices of pancakes means some courage. Also the “farmer boys” were nowhere to be found. They probably went to De Haan or took the Erfgooiers route (ancient farmers route) to the farmer girls. In the end a fine espresso, but next time we go again to neighbour Vollebregt.

In a hurry opposite to the theatre crowding up for Sanne. Where do you find a wardrobe with a rate of “I leave it up to you” Sanne Wallis de Vries. She is married to her executive business partner (where have we heard this before) and she is doing some theatre shows before her big show in Carré this springtime under the title “Best”. Highlights from10 years Sanne in the theatre. All big hits with the big final of the theatre assistant, before the break being an assistant presenting microphones and later on developing with no doubt as a full blooded artist.
Sanne in theatre is top. Actually we really don’t need creatures like Queen Beatrix, Claire Polak or Connie Palmen in tv-shows like “ Kopspijkers” or “Koefnoen” for this any more.

Sanne Wallis de Vries had also dinner in Brasserie Stijl, said thanks for the flowers and was seduced to pose for the logo.

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