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Our secret tip: comfortable parking at the Royal Theatre Carré.
Posted by Pim ter Linde , March 1 at 17:04
We don’t know how you are doing it, but whenever we used to go to Carré, we hardly could get rid off our car. And we are going to tell you our secret. It will cost a few but you get something for it. You drive your “voiture” right in front of the entrance of the Amstel Hotel. The porter will give you a ticket and take care of the valet parking. We recommend to make a reservation for this in advance (there are only 26 parking places) also for one of the two restaurants where you can have a bite before the program.
You climb the famous steps that all celebrities did before you and pass through the marvellous hall towards the chosen restaurant “La Rive” or the Bar & Brasserie”.
Star chief Edwin Kats is responsible for both of them. Both restaurants have a breathtaking view over the Amstel river. After dinner you walk at ease the 220 meters to Carré. Do you know a more relaxed and pleasing way to get in the mood for the theatre program? We did it this week and everything fitted in again. And why were we this week in the Royal Theatre?
For Carmen by La Quadra de Sevilla. A very authentic Spanish happening. Very special is the dance of Carmen with the beautiful white stallion ridden by a proud picador. This top production was brought by Stardust Theatre. Indeed “a Carmen to die for” like the Sunday Time mentioned.
The Amstel Hotel
Carmen by La Quadra de Sevilla
Royal Theatre Carre

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