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Site inspection: Queens Restaurant in the Beatrix Theatre Utrecht and The Wiz
Posted by Pim ter Linde , Februari 8 at 13:56
On request of one of our clients – who now and then wants a proposal for an all-in-one concept – we investigated the possibilities and qualities of a dinner arrangement at The Wiz. A wonderful musical produced by Joop van den Ende Theatre Productions.

The restaurant is furnished in a modern style with many glass decorations, a huge painting of Jan Cremer and (too) much clear illumination. My table-fairy loving candlelight was not happy. The catering is provided by one of the various catering companies that the Jaarbeurs took over the past couple of years: Grand Catering from Nieuwegein.
By using sliding walls with foilprints of musical stars the venue can be adapted to the number of reservations.

There is only one menu of € 39,50. At first site you think these are many steps forward at once for this price. But it’s not a menu out of which you can choose, they serve all courses mentioned. Appealing to the biggest hit from the musical it’s called “A Brand New Dinner” and is described as a surprising concept that warms up to the successful (?) modern Sharing Food principal. Grand Catering adds to this saying that it this a matter of only small courses, where typical Asian, South American and Western tastings will colour our dish. We sat down and ordered our favourite aperitif: a Manzanilla sherry. Alas! Then a Espumante: the Argentinian Norton Cosecha Especial. Fine bubbles and they did make us happy.

Already at the starters the culinary tone was set. On long small dishes they presented to us small typical party-catering snacks. Unfortunately too cold and let’s say “not fully tasting”. Also the little main courses did not cheer us up. The lowest point was the subscribed as soft as butter “filet of porc-tenderloin wrapped in katenspek (smoked bacon)”. This was more like a the half of a too dry baked “slavink” (typical dutch: a kind of meatball folded in slices of bacon). With the rolls of pangasiusfilet and salmon there was supposed to be served a small bunch of little green asparagus. We seldom saw such a small bunch of brownish mini-asparagus who on forehand hung down their heads. They knew that the ultimate date of being served soon came in sight. As a garnish “spiced potato wedges with a flavour of cajun”. In our opinion it should have been mentioned as “flavoured by Aviko and coming out of a package of Aviko.” (Aviko is a Dutch potato factory). At the desert the chocolate brownie was top!

On the dinner tables there were cards to order drinks for the pause. At first site a very good idea, but having the experience that too early poured drinks get lukewarm, we decided not to order yet. Afterwards a good decision, however the drinks served at the pause from the bottles were also lukewarm. Well. The restaurant did let us know that we would be right in time in the theatre to “make the visit to the musical an evening without worries”. On the last minute we made it.

However, the musical was really top starring Nurlaila Karim and phenomenal Marjolein Touw as Sadista. As written down in many reviews it is a real “feelgood musical”. And so it is. Only we didn’t quite get this feeling in Queens Restaurant.

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