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Super Kickoff 2007 for ICI PARIS XL and Coty Prestige
Posted by Ciska Peters , Januari 18 at 17:48
On behalf of ICI PARIS XL and co-organizer Coty Prestige we organized mid January a motivation- and presentation event in Claus Event Center in Hoofddorp. 1100 beautiful perfumery ladies joined enthusiastic for the dresscode “Dress to feel good”.
After the motivation part by ICI PARIS XL and the presentation by Lancaster the ladies (and a few men) were entertained by the Jigger Bigger Band, the band Menu Totaal with Special Guest Gerard Ruiter), the deejay’s Dennis van der Geest and Vincent Marchall and Gerard Joling
Dresscode: "dress to feel good". Mission accomplished.
Dutch topstar Gerard Joling: "I don't have the strength for it anymore...."
CEO Coty Prestige Gerard Ruiter, districtmanagers ICI PARIS XL Miranda Krijger and Anne-Marie Pouw, Dennis van der Geest, Claire van Megen (who? our stagier not yet knowing this was not the place to be) and Leo van Welij, General Manager ICI PARIS XL.
Things must not become crazier: our photographer Joop van Tellingen acting as a VIP
The final judgement

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