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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
Posted by Ciska Peters , Februari 1 at 13:53
First the success story. We were in a pitch for the organization of the opening of a new company building at Schiphol Airport. Our former neighbour company, who a.o. was selling advertising spots on the Panasonic-screen outside the departure hall, was thinking with us and wanted to play also a game with us. While we were presenting our plan to our client by chance we heard when the American owner was going to leave again. Coming out of the departure the complete board who said goodbye to him was surprised, so-called by accident, on the square by our spot on this gigantic screen. We both got an assignment.

An assignment that we didn’t get was the organization of a big gala for the VNV (Dutch Association of Airline Pilots). We had often organized this gala for them with great success but - as often happens - a new committee was formed and then everything has to be done differently. Because well respected colleagues like Arjan van Dijk and Frank Wentink were also in this pitch we decided to join a venture -for this time only- with The Entertainment Group to make a very special super offer. It was one of the best proposals we have ever made. You can see it below. But alas, it did not work out. Afterwards we had the feeling that we had not chosen for the right location because finally they chose for the Concertgebouw. Expensive offer thrown down the drain. Eventually we were also lucky that it was blown off because 50% of the advanced payments most certainly would have disappeared into the bottomless wells of TEG. But nobody knew that at that time.They are bankrupt now. A blessing in disguise. So you see: Less is more!
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