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Our secret tip: De Koriander in Drachten
Posted by Pim ter Linde , August 23 at 14:46
To get straight to the point: this is not a tip but a warning. Avoid De Koriander in Drachten! Is that serious? Yes, it is. Why? A total lack of hospitality. We had booked there for 4 people on a Saturday evening. Fully booked, so that always gives a good feeling. Good house wine and delicious appetisers. So far so good.

The service: “We don’t have a menu yet because we just got back from vacation and don’t have everything in stock. But the chief will cook something nice for you”. We found this kind of vague and in order to have some frame of reference we informed about the price of a 3-course menu. That was 44 Euros. But since the service could not tell us at all what we might expect for this amount, the chief was called upon. Note, this place has a Michelin star. Owner and Chief Dick Gaastra, seemed a nice man. We agreed on a 3-course meal without dessert but instead of dessert an extra starter.

The food was good. As a starter a piece of plaice, side-dish a little piece of monkfish and the main course was pigeon. Long story short: there raised a problem about the bill. 4x Menu for 55 Euros each. We made the service aware of this and they recognized the mistake and went away to correct the bill. But now chief Dick Gaastra himself, that nice man, seized by himself. Could we understand that a menu with such ingredients could not be expected for that price. Expensive dishes? Plaice, monkfish and pigeon. We didn’t have foie gras, lobster, turbot or tenderloin? In short, like we were standing on the Drachter horse market, the price of the menu was put down to 50 Euros. We got an unpleasant feeling about this.

Owner and Chief Dick Gaastra doesn’t understand things at all. Give a little bit of VSOP together with the coffee and there is no problem at all. Because it is obviously not the money but whether you leave the restaurant with a satisfied feeling. Mr. Gaastra, that nice man, awarded us with no glance of attention while we were leaving. Bye bye Mr. Gaastra. We will recommend you hereby. You’re very welcome.

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