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Let Laura fulfil her dream
Posted by Pim ter Linde , September 4 at 14:32
This blog is basically about matters relating to the organization of events. Locations, entertainment, catering and occasionally supplemented by personal experiences in restaurants, golf and sailing. Exceptionally we give our opinion on a news-item which does not belong in this list. LAURA DEKKER, the 13-year-old girl who wants to attempt a record as the youngest girl to sail around the world.

The whole country is meddling with it. Generally negative: irresponsible and dangerous! Of course sailing at sea is dangerous. But Laura was born on a sailboat and sails her whole life. Irresponsible? Her parents know her best and stand behind it. Enough said about this. And that unyielding head of her sticking above the crowd, we like that.

We should be proud of her and help her. Big companies can sponsor her. Tom Tom and Philips for example for navigation and communication. Come on Delta Lloyd, it is much more positive than becoming before-last in the Volvo Ocean Race. LOI can get used to this matter with an adapted school program and the Navy is simply exercising near dangerous routes. Then this super enterprising girl, to whom we should be proud, even more fulfil her responsibly dream.

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