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The Restaurant Week and the big waves
Posted by Ciska Peters , August 24 at 11:48
Yes, we have something with the Restaurant Week. Usually very good experiences. This time we gave it a twist and go with our floating office, the Green Queen, four restaurants along the waterfront. We are starting with a lunch in the new hotspot in Almere Haven: HET VEERHUYS. We read only good reviews about it and our expectations are high.
Next we cross the Markermeer to Volendam where harbourmaster Wijnand has reserved a nice place in the harbour. We will have dinner at the culinary institution of Volendam (besides of course Van Den Hogen): HOTEL SPAANDER. A true venue in classic costume. That's what we like.
Again we cross the water and head for Muiden where we will end at our own KNZ & RV. There we slow down in the evening with the famous meatball at cafe Ome Ko, because the next afternoon we have lunch at the other side of the sea lock in DE DOELEN. A well-known familiar place where we haven’t been for a long time. It used to have a typical French cuisine and we are wondering what it is serving nowadays.
For the last restaurant we set sail on the River Vecht in the direction of Loosdrecht. That is always a party. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Netherlands. On the way we wave to the black brigade of De Nederlanden in Vreeland. A big favourite of ours but they were already booked on this trip. One cannot have everything. When we moored the Green Queen in the port of KWVL "De Vereniging" at the Eerste Plas, we will dine at the Kompas. Even an old friend.

Our choices at the upcoming Restaurant Week seems a nice mixture of nostalgia and a promising newcomer. We are ready for it and have appetite.

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