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Rob Kamphues and The Class of Jaap for Sperwer
Posted by Ciska Peters , December 21 at 00:06
The end of the year party from the Sperwer Groep Plus Retail Group, this time a combination of the departure of CEO Jaap Lagerweij and a festive ending of a successful year. Although the acquisition of Jumbo had failed in the last moment.

After last years trip to Figi in Zeist was chosen this time again for Hart van Holland Nijkerk. The number of guests gets larger each year and this year there were 365. Hart van Holland is a nice venue but it’s even nicer when it is decorated for Christmas. It was unfortunately just before the “Big Snowfall of 2009 "otherwise it would have been more magically. But fortunately there was no problem with the transportation of the guests.

For the retirement of CEO Jaap Lagerweij we created a special program together with Rob Kamphues, base don his TV program “Reunion” and now named “De Klas van Jaap” (The Class Reunion of Jaap”) . About 10 'classmates' sat down in here and were persons out of his business career. The program was a great success. Rob Kamphues will get there! The excellent show band 'Vet Vegas " took care of an exuberant end with a sing-a-long session where the new CEO Jan Ferwerda played a leading role. And so everything was pretty divided.
The class of Jaap. Photo: Wim Kluvers
Rob Kamphues and Jaap Lagerweij. Photo: Wim Kluvers
Director Operations Wim Timmermans, Rob Kamphues and Commercial Director Sjaak de Korte. Photo: Wim Kluvers

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