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Cook & Chemist and Nathalie Makoma made it steamy
Posted by Ciska Peters , November 30 at 23:46
The autumn meeting of Bouwend Nederland was based this time in Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee. A beautiful location with a good team with whom we worked pleasantly together and where it is also nice to stay for the members of the Vakgroep Ondergrondse Netwerken en Grondwaterbeheer. During the morning the members had their autumn meeting in the Abdijzaal and meanwhile there was a special partner program as usual. This is always great fun for us to organize. We had several stories about this program in the past on this blog.

This time it was a workshop by Cook & Chemist about the rapidly emerging phenomenon of molecular cooking. It all started with Ferran Adrià at his Spanish restaurant El Bulli ***, after this followed in England by Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck*** and in ’t Brouwerskolkje** in Overveen Moshik Roth is the most moleculary cook in the Netherlands.

The cook of Cook & Chemist is Eke Marien and chemist is the scientist Jan Groenewold. They have written 2 wonderful books about it and at the moment there is an interesting offer from them in the newspaper De Telegraaf. In order to watch everything closely for the 65 partners tended JP Audio took care of video projection. And of course the tastings, although by some people literally the steam came out of their noses. Why? Balls of mousse flavoured by liquorice for instance were “fried” into nitrogen. Because of the intense cold within 1 minute a thin shield of ice is formed around the mousse and once you get in your mouth this ball 'explodes' apart and steam comes out of your nose. The taste of liquorice is incredibly intense. It is very special.

The afternoon session was together again and this time a visit to the Indian-British-Dutch multinational Corus, the former Hoogovens in IJmuiden. Also there it was steamy with the hot steel mill and it was good that everybody was equipped with appropriate protective equipment. They were no longer necessary at the dinner party where chief cook Paul Aardenburg did a good job and certainly also not with the nice performances by the orchestra New Balance & Wings and Frank Wilson. Although, the steamy act of Nathalie Makoma emitted sparks from the stage!
Five minutes before starting
Cook & Chemist Jan Groenewold (left) and Eke Marien Photo Arjan Smalen

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