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100 Years VVNH with Royal Approval
Posted by Ciska Peters , September 28 at 23:36
The 100-year anniversary of the VVNH (Dutch Association of Timber Companies) in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin was upgraded by awarding of the association with the title 'Royal'. From now on the KVVNH. “K” stands for “Koninklijk” (Royal). After the NAS (Dutch Organization of Butchers) who became KNAS and the VVNP (Association of Dutch Paper and Cardboard Companies (now KNVNP) this was the 3rd time CISKA PETERS EVENTS organized an event where the client became "Royal". Which gives the event it an extra cachet.

It was pleasant to work together with the jubilee commission - then still - the VVNH: Paul van den Heuvel (Vice President of the VVNH), Henk ten Bouwhuis (PR and Communications Jongeneel BV) and Ad Wesselink (Director of Wijma Kampen). The resulted was a program in which technical, culinary and entertainment highlights alternated. Karin Bloemen - an absolute favourite of our house - had a strong throat disease, but the word cancelling she doesn’t know, and "certainly not for you Ciska" and she presented the program with familiar style.

In our search for talent that nobody had seen yet, at least not in the galas, we found Brigitte Heitzer, (winner of the TV show "Looking for Evita") prepared to do this performance in being in the midst of rehearsals for her role in the new musical "All Shook Up / Love Me Tender ". She is fully booked for the coming year so we were pleased to present her here this once. In short a great program where we together with the guests and the jubilee committee looked back with satisfaction.
Leen Verbeek (right), Queen's Commissioner in Flevoland, presents the Royal Predicate to Cees Boogaerdt, director of the VVNH. (Photo: Marc Leeflang)
Karin Bloemen and Ciska Peters flanked by the anniversary committee from left to ritht Paul van den Heuvel, Henk ten Bouwhuis and Ad Wesselink. (Photo: Marc Leeflang)
Birgit Heitzer, Karin Bloemen and Ciska Peters. (Photo: Marc Leeflang)

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