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Dining City Restaurant Week as a culinary cruise
Posted by Pim ter Linde , September 7 at 14:49
Dining City reports that their Restaurant Week was a great success. We do agree. We were 2 of the 165,582 participants and had selected 4 out of 1139 participating restaurants. Our point this time was that the restaurants had to be located on the waterfront where we could moor our Green Queen. (The culinary cruise ...)

We had booked 2x for a lunch (HET VEERHUYS in Almere Haven and DE DOELEN in Muiden) where both times we had a table on the terrace. And 2x for dinner (SPAANDER in Volendam and Brasserie HET KOMPAS in Loosdrecht). 2 Restaurants had made a special menu (De Doelen and Het Kompas) and 1 restaurant had a choice out of the menu (De Doelen). We paid an average price of 44.50 Euro per person including the house wine, water, coffee and gratuities. (Basic prices in the Restaurant Week are 20 Euros for a lunch and 25 Euro for dinner)

Short notes:
A high culinary level. Beautiful scallop for a start and a very good duck from the Veluwe area (!), unfortunately very small portions. Nice service but some dropped stitches in refilling the wine. Leave the bottle on the table and we arrange it ourselves.

Crowded and touristic which we knew on forehand, but the Volendam harbour is so much fun. Large portions but we prefer them smaller and more delicious. Tasty fricandeau of Iberico pig as a starter. Good service and the 1200 paintings are still beautiful.

On our trip to it the Markermeer was quite choppy and between Volendam and Muiden we had wind force 7 before we got there, but it was fully worth it. Here you find good classic French cooking. Sympathetic and professional service.

Converted from a classic place into a brasserie which has had a good effect on the number of guests because it was almost fully booked. And this with the competition from Amice and Fitou around the corner. Delicious braised veal and proper service.
As you know, we always love lists. And the winner is ....
De Doelen, with a little difference from the Veerhuys because of the choices out of the menu and the slightly larger portions. But both at a high culinary level. A solid 3rd place for Het Kompas and the red lantern is carried by Spaander (but it was very cosy there!).
Veerhuys Almere Haven Starter: Grilled scallops in a curry sauce on a risotto with roses of cauliflower
Veerhuys Almere Haven Main course: Veluwe duck in its own gravy with caramelized chicory, mushrooms, silver onions and fried potatoes
Veerhuys Almere Haven Dessert: cherry souffle with trimmings of chocolate
Spaander Volendam Starter: Fricandeau of Iberico pig with salad of grilled vegetables with truffle mayonaise
Spaander Volendam Main course: Paupillettes of plaice filled with seaweed and baby leek, potato cuiche and pumpkin espuma
Spaander Volendam Dessert: Peach confit with mascarpone ice cream, macaroons and marashino sabayon
Watched by the eye of the Immaculate the Green Queen leaves the harbour of Volendam with wind force 7 (fortunately on the front) we headed for Muiden
De Doelen Muiden Choice of starter: Salad of house smoked salmon with crispy gamba's
De Doelen Muiden Choice of main course: Salad of cheak of veal confit, lentils and balsamic dressing
De Doelen Muiden Choice of main course: Wild duck with its own gravy, morels and potato mousseline
De Doelen Muiden Choice of main course: Red snapper with brandade gratin and crabsauce
De Doelen Muiden Choice of dessert: Dark chocolate cake with a soft core of white chocolate with a red fruit coulis
De Doelen Muiden Choice of dessert: Home made cheeses
Kompas Loosdrecht Starter: Little mountain of smoked salmon, gamba, potato chips and herb mayonaise
Kompas Loosdrecht Main course: Braised veal with green asparagus, potato mousseline and veal with sundried tomatoes
Kompas Loosdrecht Dessert: Cylinder of vanilla ice cream with chocolate ice cream and a topping of strawberry sherbet

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