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Our secret tip: taste the springtime in Sauerland
Posted by Pim ter Linde , April 30 at 14:44
Whenever you enter a hotel the first impression is always the best. The reception, the staff, delicious smells from the kitchen, the furnishing. Sometimes you know in an instant that it is quite good. Dresel hotel is one of those hotels. It is located in Rummenohl belonging to the district of the German Hagen, on the bright side of the border between the Ruhr and Sauerland. A nice family hotel from1901. We were invited by owner Marita Isken and her partner Eep Boonstra. We know them from a different discipline: the water sports. Our usually reliable TomTom sent us through the "Kohlenpott (Colepot) " along Gelsenkirchen, which turned out a nicer and quicker way. But now we have missed the pleasure of the fans of Schalke 04 who went out of their minds when their club lead by couch Youri Mulder had beaten their old hereditary enemy Bayern Munich. Herr Klinsman could leave straight away.. But this put aside. So Hotel Dresel. You expect a cosy Hotel in Germany to look like this. It has only 23 bedrooms but five restaurants with a capacity of 450 seats. When we arrived on Sunday there were 3 events going on. We met Marita and Eep just a few years ago when the hotel kitchen was burned out. A loss of one and a half million. She sat in the middle of a battle with the Insurance companies. We sympathized with her. "Ohne Kampf kein Sieg" she said. She won. We were proud of her. This she wanted to celebrate a little bit with us with an invitation to come and taste the springtime. Marita and Eep live in a beautiful house above the village. Sunny terrace, glass bubbles, some homemade wafers, strawberries and whipped cream. A lazy Sunday afternoon in the springtime overlooking the beautiful Volmethal is pleasant. The evening dinner in La Luna, one of the 5 specialty restaurants of the hotel. We often think in the Netherlands that we are experts in preparing asparagus, but in Germany they also know how to handle them. Asparagus stems. They are cultivated just over the border of Limburg. How about cold asparagus vinaigrette with tomato and guacamole and asparagus cooked with a butter sauce and a very nice piece of tenderloin. Whatever the seasons are in the creative kitchen dishes are prepared with shells and seafood, In May plaice, new slated herrings, asparagus, lobster. A particular specialty is a whole roast goose for 4 people. Hotel Dresel, an interesting incentive location, but also great place to enjoy a private pampered weekend.

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