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Hessels'own dinnershow on Terschelling island
Posted by Ciska Peters , April 23 at 14:25
I think we are the last Dutchmen who haven’t seen the most popular singer of Terschelling named Hessel. And because we spent our Easter holidays on De Wadden with our boat Green Queen it was an excellent opportunity to fill this gap. Hessel is a very good singer / entertainer with a disarming smile and thousands of fans who all have come to come toTerschelling to see him, because Hessel is hardly coming to the mainland. He is a disaster for the promotion department of his record company because he refuses to appear in all kinds of TV programs "which I don’t watch myself." Only once he stroke his hand over his heart. This was in a 3x sold out Ahoy.
We thought the show would take place in a pub where a blind horse could not do any harm, but this was not the case. The venue is a beautifully restored building with a cafe "De Groene Weide" which stands in the 15th place of the Top 100 Misset Cafe’s and has a restaurant where they serve a pub menu at restaurant prices. It has a private bus stop: Stop Hessel and group reservations are possible. Hessel also has a very well-equipped recording studio which he uses primarily for himself but also sometimes is requested for the use of business incentives: the participants find their performance on CD the next morning next to their breakfast plate. He has 2 beautiful daughters: one is flying captain with KLM and the other, Tess, sings. Naturally Hessel sells his CD's, DVD's in-house as well as his T-shirts, caps, towels, sweaters and exciting shorts.
We were there on 2nd Easter day. This is still the pre-season for tourists and all of them leave by the afternoon-boat again. It was not so busy and for this reason all dinner tables could remain standing in the restaurant during his performance. Normally they put the tables aside because at 22.30 a crowd of 350 fans are inside and the place looks like there is also room for the blind horse as well. Hessel told us that summer and winter he continues his shows: full house every weekend! He builds his own Bobbejaanland on Terschelling because he has now also 2 beautifully restored farmhouses with apartments to let. And he has two fans more!

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