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Culinary plus and minor point during the Restaurant Week
Posted by Pim ter Linde , April 14 at 14:22
Despite the remarkable developments with the bookings by Restaurant week of Dining City - earlier in this blog - Smulweb offered in this same period also Ron Blaauw so our preferred wish could still be honoured. Although, after the devastating review of the Amsterdam seafood restaurant Nevy by Peter Nijdam of De Telegraaf, we made a switch to De Kastanjehof in De Lage Vuursche which was praised into heaven by this same Peter.. This is how it goes sometimes. First of all let supervisor Robert Kranenborg do his job here again.

Here are our experiences at Ron Blaauw ** in Ouderkerk a / d Amstel. High expectations, two Michelin stars and, as often happens, it is a bit disappointing. A bombardment of up to seven or eight amuses, but no one was really impressing. Wina Born mentioned earlier: amuses are ‘mouth pleasuring things' to stimulate the taste buds and an indication of what the kitchen might offer. The main course of our lunch was a slow cooked (!) cod fillet that looked great but with no flavour at all.

Onwards to DE NEDERLANDEN * in Vreeland, our favourite from last year. The new chief Wilco Berents has managed to keep the star and that is an achievement by it selves. Three very good amuses and a balanced menu. Main course: sole with truffle. Beautiful fish but the truffle had little or no flavour. A perfect dessert soufflé finished by the chief personally sliding in a ball of banana ice-cream. And double points are scored when my dining companion receives on request the recipe in print.

Next we went to De Kastanjehof in De Lage Vuursche. Beautiful place, very busy but not too attentive service. "No, we do not serve amuses”. It also might have been a very busy day because we were there on a Tuesday which is then their successful girlfriend day: two girlfriend’s lunch for the price of one. But a nice menu with no small portions. Slandering “Gooische girlfriends” in spite.

Finally, we combined a business meeting with a visit to De Kromme Dissel * in Heelsum. And that was a big surprise. A small beautifully decorated restaurant which is part of Hotel Klein Zwitserland. Beautiful amuses and the best duck breast "ever". List makers like we are: a narrow number 1: De Kromme Dissel because of its delicious truffle bread. De Nederlanden on 2nd place because the truffle was not detectably tasted on our tongue. On 3rd and 4th place are De Ron Blaauw and De Kastanjehof.
This is obviously a very personal opinion.

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