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Hamstra hundred years in screens
Posted by Ciska Peters , March 11 at 14:11
Screens with a big "S", that’s what you can say about the wonderful product that the Hamstra company delivers. "We have them ourselves" to quote the witty advertising in The company operated the first 94 years in Weesp and since 2003 in a new assembly factory in Almere. It is a real family company where the current directors exist out of one Hamstra daughter Dorly and her husband Berend Thiescheffer. Because CISKA PETERS EVENTS organized 10 years ago the 90th anniversary to their fully satisfaction we were invited to organize the 100-year history event again. Assignment was an interesting afternoon program for all relations and suppliers and a festive evening program for the employees and partners.

The venue that was chosen was Hotel Theater Figi in Zeist and produced in advance was a jubilee book and a laser show with the history of the company.

In the afternoon following speakers were present: Annemarie Jorritsma, mayor of Almere: "Thank you for having chosen for Almere", Professor Doctor Willem Takken, professor in Medical Entomology at the University of Wageningen: "mosquitoes are stinging, not, biting!" And TV weather-host Helga van Leur: "How you can prefund it I will tell you later". Paparazzi photographer Joop van Tellingen recorded it all. Meanwhile, the coaches of Royal Beuk Touringcars were on their way to bring all employees from Almere to Zeist. The laser show of the afternoon program was used again as opening of the evening show and every time the effect is overwhelming. Laser Resal did another great job! Further entertainment was Niek Boes, Frank Wilson and the Casino Show Band.

Hamstra screens has celebrated their 100-year anniversary in style and is positive about their future. Because "Hamstra screens are helping".
Berend and Dorly Thiescheffer received a special thermometer from Helga van Leur
Ciska Peters and Helga van Leur; stripes and stripes

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