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Jubilee Ronnie Tober
Posted by Ciska Peters , Januari 21 at 13:01
So you think you're finished with the-ronnietober-duet-thing for the coming years and there is an invitation to which you cannot say no. He was 45 years in show business and THE DUET had to be sung of course. In Figi in Zeist. During the past month I was there for business already 3x. And it was great fun too. A crowded venue, a three-headed presentation: Vivian Boelen, Eddy Becker and Jacques d'Ancona, and performing amongst others were ex-colleagues Saskia & Serge and Anneke Grönloh. She was accompanied by her manager Bart Peeters who meticulously maintains the archives of the Dutch artists from the seventies and eighties.

From him I received 3 new titles for my video archive for our website. My first real big hit "Niemand zal mijn tranen zien", recorded in the town hall of Naarden. A tearjerker first class. Also out of the TV show “Rooster” an interview with Lonneke Hoogland and after this the song "Don’t press that button mister". No big hit but a lot of publicity and my first trip to America! President Lyndon B. Johnson (at that time) must have been tossing and turning in his bed.

But most sentimental was a recording out of Ivo Niehe's TV Show. A typical Ivo-format: celebrities singing a Christmas song together with their children. I sang with our son Mark (†) and since then I had never seen the show again.
The after party after the Ronnie Tober event was not my peace of cake. We live in a wing of the apartment building of Hotel Newport in Huizen. And it is very special to enter the lounge and to hear "I just saw TV program “Show news” with Ronnie Tober, what you looked good!” Well.
Photo by Peter Smulders
The ladies Grönloh en Peters

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