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What are people drinking of the Best winesupermarket?
Posted by Ciska Peters , December 30 at 18:26
For the Sperwer Group and department PLUS Retail we organized this year again the end of the year event. As location was chosen Hotel Theatre Figi in Zeist. This is an excellent place for a plenary meeting and after this the 300 guests could spread over various places where every yeas was chosen for a specific program at the cosy theatre. This year there were two points of attention that made us curious. From all supermarkets PLUS has the most “starwines” and proportionately also the most “wines to detour for”. And for this reason PLUS was nominated as the “Best Winesupermarket of the Year”. See the books “Supermarkt Wijngids” from Nicolaas Klei and the “Wijnalmanak” from Harold Hamersma.

So ofcourse we were very curious what the people of PLUS had chosen for themselves. Because it’s obvious that on meetings like this their own wines must be served. We had to taste the nice El Descanso Chardonnay-Viognier from Chili by ourselves. And that was a very good one. And also the Domaine St. Sophie Saint Christol from the Languedoc was nice. This is how you get rewarded. In the theatre there was a show of “Opera della Casa” which is always a great success. As final act during dinnertime was chosen for the (almost) winner of the endless series Idols, X-factors or Popstars, etc. almost all of them with the inevitably Henkjan Smits. There was the voluptuous dark singer Nathalie. Well, she will make it! In short, a succesful party with the same reactions. And if the clients is happy, so are we.
Hotel Theatre Figi in Christmas atmosphere

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