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Members of Bouwend Nederland love Twente
Posted by Ciska Peters , December 30 at 17:57
We always like to organize an event in Twente. And also for our well appreciated client Bouwend Nederland who had indicated to want to go to the area between the rivers Dinkel and Regge. A beautiful countryside where farmers shortly for Christmas practise on their midwinter horn. The base was estate De Holtweijde in Lattrop. Famous from the past but recently taken over by Marcel and Marlies Vlek and they put the bar even higher. And they succeeded in this.

The schedule for this meeting of the Vakgroep Ondergrondse Netwerken en Grondwaterbeheer is more or less the same every year and always we think of it as a challenge to give it an extra surprising twist. Of course we take very much care of the location, hotel facilities, catering, entertainment and the program for the partners, but the educational part was this time a big hit. And this is a Freudian slip of the tongue because we visited in Enschede the area where the big firework disaster took place in 2000. In the years thereafter a unique urban plan was developed that impressed all of them. Architect Pi de Bruijn, a real man of this area, was the supervisor of many architects who created the new “Roombeek”.

Back in the Holtweijde the partners of the 2 workshops joined for the aperitif and also for dinner. Chef cook Gerard Kooiker prepared a very good menu and the lovely entertainers took care of a relaxed end of the year meeting.
They are at the Roombeek, but they are really coming back...

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