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An uppercut for Christmas to all people of good Wii
Posted by Ciska Peters , November 20 at 07:49
At an enjoyable drink with friends at the Costa, the slender host demonstrated to us his new game-console: the Nintendo Wii. We don’t like computer games at all but for this one we fell immediately. And especially for the Nintendo Wii Sports. This is a unique concept where you stand on a balance board in front of a tv-screen and by moving your body you can do all sorts of exercises. Also ski, snowboarding and even yoga. Your BMI-weight is being notified. Good morning, you have overweight. In combination with the remote control you can also do sports like tennis, golf, baseball and bowling. The remote control is functioning as a tennis racket, golf club, baseball bat or bowling ball. You move exactly like in reality. In combination with a “nunchuck” (sort of extra remote control) you can also do some boxing and deal left and right blows.

The picture and sound are shaped fantastically and it – like in reality – really makes you tired. And because, after the tastings of all the deserts on our lunch-contests we could use some exercises for slimming, we decided on the spot to take action and purchase this console and the program. Unfortunately we were not the only ones. Coolblue in Rotterdam, the company where we always buy our corporate and private electronics and who always is the first one who has everything in stock, had a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. It appears to be one of thé hits for Christmas shopping. Curiously the big store El Corte Inglés here in Marbella had some 100 of them in stock. We kept this in mind, but rather not because Transavia Airlines is very keen on charging overweight. Fortunately Coolblue sent us a message that our order was on the way. I’m looking forward to it. Especially boxing. Partner Pim can wet his chest. The very thought of the sound of an uppercut. Peace on earth to all people of good Wii....

The remote control as a golfclub
Peace on earth to all people of good Wii...

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