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In Spain you can also have a 3-course lunch between 12 and 15 euros
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:59
Our next category of restaurants is between 12 and 15 euro. In this case the tables are laid with linen and nice glasses. For this extra one gets more critical. In this category you’ll find most of these restaurants at golf clubs. In following order our appreciation: La Quinta: it’s not our style. Los Naranjos, the golf course at which we live on: much Scandinavian people, so you have a choice between Swedish meatballs and Swedish meatballs. There is a competition for the 2nd place between our own club Aloha (14,95 but 10% discount for the members, so that will make 13,45) and Las Brisas (12,50). The kitchen of the last one is a little bit better then Aloha, but the scale was turned for the 2nd place by Sari. She is of the black brigade of this golf course and she achieves it to serve to the members – extraordinary friendly – in smashing purple hair that hurts your eyes. The chique ladies and gentlemen of this Royal club shake their heads at so much frivolity. And that’s what enjoying us again.

But the absolute winner is restaurant Brunings (14,80) in San Pedro de Alcántara. Here you are heartily welcomed by the Thai girlfriend of the cook with a glass of bubbles (cava). And on the terrace under the orange trees, where the business babes from San Pedro pass by, you can choose between 10 starters like lovely salads, gamba’s and smoked salmon. Also you can choose between 10 main courses like sole, rack of lamb or entrecote. As desert ice or coffee. You see everything has its value....
Remarkable also here there’ is a German cook. Wir haben sehr gut gegessen. Herzlichen Dank Herr Udo Brunings und gratuliere!.

Originally posted at 9-11-2008 PtL
Menu del Dia on Las Brisas
Winner Brunings: entree: smoked salmon
Winner Brunings: main course: lamb chops
Winner Brunings: desert: Icecream & coffee. This is good for our heavy diet

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