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In Spain you can have a 3-course lunch between 8 and 12 euro's
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:58
One of the nicest pleasures of the mediteranean life is the good habit of almost everyone to have lunch outdoors. In this case we don’t talk about a long lunch and after that a siësta, but just a one hour lunch and then back to work! We’re joking. In the south of Spain every so called respectful (little) restaurant serves a 3-course choice menu between 8 and 12 euro. Sorry? Yes, you don’t believe it. For the first course you usually can choose between a salad, a soup and something fresh. As a main course grilled meat or fish or a pasta. And as desert a choice between ice, fruit or pie. We repeat once again: between 8 and 12 euro! Some oversell themselves and include a glass of wine. Ofcourse no high culinary standards but as we say just “common farmer-food”. According to our northern economic opinion this is not possible and when we settled down in Andalucia 13 years ago we felt a bit embarrassed to order the “Menu del Dia”. We thought this was in some way exploitation. Well, soon enough we have learned from this. If someone orders the “almuerzo” from the menu 'a la carte' people look at them with pity.

We will make a contest of it. Between 8 and 12 euro:
The nominees are Le Chateaubriant (8 euro incl. a glass of wine), Las Delicias (also 8 euro and wine) and Il Restaurante (12 euro no wine), all three in the area Nuevo Andalucia. The absolute winner is Il Restaurante. We visited it recently and could make a choice between a tuna salad, a carpaccio or tomato soup. As a main course we could choose between filet of salmon, stew of calf, baked calf liver or Pappardella Bolognese. As desert flan, chocolat mousse, a piece of apple-pie or coffee. As you can understand with this budget there is no room for wine. But we ordered it with love as an extra. In Il Restaurante one calculates (?) and cooks very good by a German (!) cook. Yet in Spanish we say: Felicidades.

Originally posted 26-10-2008 PtL
The Winner Il Ristorante: starter: Salad with goat cheese
The Winner Il Ristorante: main course: Grilled seabass with risotto
The Winner: Il Ristorante: desert: Mousse au chocolat

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