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Terberg Leasing Golfing Days: kissable!
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:53
A golf tournament can be a good communication tool to pamper your clients. We already did it long time ago with our own company and named it the Peters & Ter Linde PROM-AM where in each flight 3 clients were combined with one PROM (VIP). We had waiting lists. Still we organize golf events for our clients for instance ABN-AMRO in Marbella and often we are invited at other golf events.

An invitation we always accept is the one of Terberg Leasing. Why? Because of the atmosphere! Terberg Leasing is a familycompany with a very warm radiation. This year it was their 19th golf day for their clients and for the 19th time on one of the most beautiful golf courses of our country: De Haar in Haarzuylens. The course only has 9 holes so you have to walk it twice, but this is absolutely no punishment, also because halfway there is a stop with lovely snacks.

The invitation policy of Terberg is interesting. They mingle their clients with friends of the house out of the entertainment-, sport- and press world. This time we were pleasantly surprised by the presence of Peter Appeldoorn, former chairman of the Board of Directors of Wegener. We had not seen him for a long time but he is ever so keen as before.

It’s a honourable job for the secretary of managing director of Terberg to welcome all participants with nice gifts and to assist at the price giving. This year it was the first time for Marsha. I express myself carefully, but Marsha was standing front line when Our Lord distributed the good looks. At the final speech everybody was invited for dinner with the additional saying that there was no seating. And just before anyone could say a word Peter Appeldoorn quickly said: “next to Marsha please!”.
It were good old cosy times and we thank Wim and Marlies Terberg.

This is the first P.S. on this blog because I don’t like PS-es, but I have to mention one more thing otherwise I get problems with Mrs. Peters. She won the Longest Drive for Ladies! Just to let you know.
Originally posted 1-10-2008

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