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Thrilling Carmen in Carré by Antonio Gades
Posted by Ciska Peters , November 12 at 13:48
The applause at the end lasted 6 minutes. The audience was standing on the chairs. Also the “taking of the applause” was very good directed with little extras. The French opera Carmen from Bizet was translated by choreographer Antonio Gades and director Carlos Saura to the real flamenco and the real Spanish culture in a modern setting. In order to keep the original line fantastic guitarists were switched by sound fragments sung by Regina Roznik and Mario del Monaco. The role of Carmen was danced by Stella Arauza and she is the absolute star of the show with 14 dancers, 4 singers and 3 guitarists. Antonio Gades – the Noerijev of the flamenco – who died in 2004, still lives on in his Companion and keeps his fantastic level.

We had made a reservation for the afternoon show and walked in the sunshine towards the theatre and thought it was a pity to go inside. The drink before and after on the balcony of the Royal Theatre Carré at the Amstel was doing well. But above all the splendid show which, just as Carmen de La Quadra de Sevilla in 2007, was brought to the Netherlands by Henk van der Meydens Stardust Theatre. Big compliments!
Originally posted 18-9-2008
Stella Arauza as Carmen

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