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27th Preuvenemint in Maastricht
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:45
The Vrijthof in Maastricht is (regarding to us) one of the nicest squares of the Netherlands. We enjoyed here so many things. And it always starts with a drink in De Oude Vogelstruys, the living room of Maastricht. In 2005 we were invited by the Crowne Plaza Hotel for one of the Frijthofconcerts of André Rieu. And in Maastricht they know how to handle these things. First a light souper on the terrace of the hotel on the riverside of the Maas and afterwards they asked us to cross by foot the Kennedy Bridge towards the Frijthof. Yes, you had to do something for it. From the first moment we sat on our chairs the crew of the hotel opened picnic baskets with cool champagne and glasses. The opening show of Rieu and his orchestra was unforgettable. They walked, meanwhile playing their instruments, from the Theatre at the Frijthof surrounded by 10.000 spectators towards the stage at the opposite of the square. Goose pimples!

More about the 27th part of the famous Preuvenemint. For us the first time. We should have gone many times before. What a feast! It happens always at the last full weekend of August and will be mentioned in our agenda for ever. As lovers of a nice bite you feel like Alice in Wonderland. But Alice will have to bring many “preuvenelappen” (€ 1.70 per piece). Not only one of the biggest attractions restaurant Beluga from 2-star cook Hans van Wolde is present, but also all famous names of Maastricht are present: Saveurs (babychicken), Moods (lovely zoervleisch), ‘t Klaauwes (nice coquilles). Manjefiek, de Bissjop and Den Awwe Stiene. Despite all these names we were attracted every day by the beautiful white tent of Beluga. We have been there twice and have eaten twice the same: Quail with sweet and sour vegetables and sauce of poultry and Cooking twice of the Livar pig with garlic and summertruffle and mushrooms out of a cave. Unbelievable nice! And for 10 “lappen” per portion. Beluga has a new slogan: “Beluga loves you”. Well Beluga: we love you too! Very much!
Originally posted 4-9-2008

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