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"Good tv spot at the Harry Mens Show!"
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:43
Sailing from Antwerp to Maastricht you can choose between 3 routes. 2 Touristic ones through the Kempen with 16 locks or the Canal from Bocholt to Herenthals with 14 locks. We are not very fond of locks. We choose for the 3rd possability: through the Albert Canal with 7 locks. It’s the Amsterdam-Rijn canal from Belgium. Disadvantages: you are sailing midst professional transporters, the locks are huge (little yachts at the back please..) and there are few places to stay overnight. And because we love Maastricht we decided to do it in 2 days.

On the 1rst day we sailed 9 hours (which we never do again) to Hasselt and the 2nd day with additional the lock of Ternaayen in the Maas with a fall of 16 meters. This lock we “took” several times but from the Dutch side. If you sail into this monstrous mouth, in which a lot of water is coming down, you feel rather uncomfortable. That 1rst time, in 2002, there was a coincidence which is always a running gag on birthday parties.

At this time we had a tv spot with our company Peters & Ter Linde Organization in the tv show Business Class by Harry Mens. At this time a program with a good reputation. The audience was not really big but close to your business target group and it brought us a lot of advantages. Ciska was the leading lady in the tv spot. Pim Fortuyn, a well known politician, was a weekly guest and was taking care of high viewers figures. At the moment fine boys of Palm Invest and Easy Life are in this tv program and the image of the program can be mentioned as questionable. But at that time the impact was big as we discovered there in the lock of Ternaayen.

We sailed into the lock with that uncomfortable feeling and after some clumsy movements we finally moored properly. For this opportunity Mrs. Peters had ( not only for the tremendous amount of water coming in, but it also rained cats and dogs) put on a large rain hat and as we just stood breathing out our steam, the skipper next to us, watching all of this, yelled at Ciska: “Nice spot at the Harry Mens Show!”.

Originally posted 29-8-2008 PtL
16 Meters downwards in the lock of Ternaayen
Putting in safe dog of the ship Katy
Goodbye Belgium

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