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Culinary Festival "Antwerpen Proeft 2008"
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:40
High time to take off for an incentive to Antwerp. And as always it’s a party to moor at the Willemdok. A perfect harbour with a welcome enlargement of a mini internet cafe. Which we needed very hard after changing our mobile internet supplier from T-Mobile to KPN. KPN is not doing well and even stronger KPN in Belgium does not work at all.

Between Willemdok and the Bonapartedok a spectacular building is being realized. The
MAS (Museum on the Stream) hosting a.o. a national maritime museum. A beautiful designed building which reminded us immediately to Rem Koolhaas, but eventually it appeared to be designed by two architects of Rotterdam: Jan Willem Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk. It is playful and yet also impressive and an upgrading for the entire area of Willemdok.

And - speaking of coincidence – the culinary Festival Antwerpen Proeft (Antwerp is tasting) was going on. A tasting festival at the Groenplaats around the statue of Rubens who personally is watching all the cashiers around his pedestal. There you can buy coupons ( € 1.90 each) to pay in the stands where 22 restaurants present their specialties. What a joy. At the famous restaurant Sir Antony van Dijck we enjoyed the Panna Cotta of smoked eel and little river lobsters with herbs. At Lincoln’s we enjoyed some oysters and goose liver and at LUX some nuts of baby lamb with a crust of Ceylon tea. That’s what makes one more happy! We love this tasting. For the “Mother of all tastings” (preuvenementen) we will head for Maastricht.
Originally posted 25-8-2008
Here it is
Restaurant Sir Anthony van Dijck
6 Oysters, 6 coupons
A slice(!) of duck liver, 6 coupons
The MAS (Museum at the Stream) under construction

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