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Cook of "In den verdwaalden koogel" also lost his way
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:37
On our way to the south we moored the Green Queen in the old fortified city Heusden in the land of Maas and Waal. Ten days with our friends in Friesland had increased our wine stock very much and for this reason we intended to buy more wines from our favourite supplier De Heeren van Heusden. And this was done perfectly. The Louis Latour Ardeche Chardonnay 2006 and the Raices Tinto Reserva 2001 were delivered on board. Nice wines for a reasonable price.

Next to the historical “Commiezenhuis” of the Heeren, at the Vismarkt, is situated the restaurant “In den verdwaalden kogel” (In the lost bullet). The Guide Michelin awards this restaurant with 3 forks and knifes. And they are not the leasts. One expects something. The place was crowded. Always a good sign, but.. The chief cook customized himself to the name of the restaurant and also
lost his trail. And so did also the Guide Michelin.

Nice ingredients are killed by horrible sauces. Starter: Carpaccio of tuna. Good quality of fish but topped by too much tasteless kind of remoulade sauce and again topped by too much salad and 2 dry shrimps. Main course: boiled beef with a sauce of truffle. In moment of inattentiveness of ourselves after the entree our bread had been taken away. We wanted this back because we intended to put this in the lovely sauce of truffle. After all not necessary. The well cooked boiled beef plus all vegetables were covered under a big layer of gunk tasting like nothing. Finally: strawberries Romanov. Nice strawberries on some soft ice out of a machine. 100 Euros please. No plus point? Yes, the wines. They came from the Heeren van Heusden. We are leaving for a Preuve (tasting tour) in Antwerp.
posted 15-08-2008 PtL
The Commiezenhuis of De Heeren van Heusden

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