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The Weduwe Joustra and the 73rd Sneekweek
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:35
The Sneekweek is the biggest sailing event within European waters. Besides sailing on the lake of Sneek everybody is celebrating exuberantly under the motto “at daytime for the honor, at night-time for the atmosphere”. Look, this strikes us and we took sail our Green Queen to this area. Traditionally the Sneekweek opens with a fleet show on the Friday before the first Saturday in August.

Boaters who want to attend this in first line are keen on making lists to get a nice place with their ship along the show. We had a beautiful spot because Mrs. Peters in her former career as a singer, ravaging the audience during the past Sneekweeks with her performances, promised in black and white writing never to do this again. The fleet show was full of atmosphere. The style of Friesland and all its tradition was remarkable. We like to come back, but for the time being we have – after 5 days in Sneek – for now enough of the Friese Dumpkes (cookies), Weduwe Joustra (liquor since 1864) and Frieslands dry sausages. We are heading for the south.
Originally posted at 2-8-2008
The Green Queen in front of the Waterpoort
Hugo Snoeck Panskipper 2008
At daytime for the honor at nighttime for the atmosphere
Of course this is what it's all about

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