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Site inspection Lambermon's cooking theatre
Posted by Pim ter Linde , November 12 at 13:34
CPE operates again from the sailing office Green Queen and that’s why we sometimes hold locations at the waterfront against the light about their suitability for events. In Haarlem at the beautiful riverside the Spaarne we found a spot to moor right in front of exhilarated restaurant of Michel Lambermon. He developed the successful formula with the title “Eat what you get”. It sounds more forcible then it is. It is very relaxing. Every half hour a new course is being served (€ 9,50) and you can say yes or no to it. From 16.00 hrs. the menu is on their website. It is fully booked every night.

We had a perfect table, in the middle of the restaurant, right in front of the cooking-stage. Michel Lambermon leads stricktly but softly his team, which operates very disciplined. Each half hour they take a break in what they are doing at that moment to serve together all the plates they made for this course.. Lovely to watch. Out of this nights program we picked: “Duck’s breast with a leg of quail”, after this ” Filet of redfish on red wine risotto” and finally “Piece of the neck of the Iberico pig with cheek of calf”. All very good. We hope Michel Lambermon stays self opiniated for a long time.
Originally posted at 20-7-2008
Michel Lambermon proud of his superfresh red perches
The red perches on tour through the restaurant
Each half hour a course is being prepared and served

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