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Opening of largest medal factory of Europe
Posted by Ciska Peters , July 12 at 13:29
Medal producer Van Veluw recently took over Koninklijke Begeer and medal factory Stol. For this reason a new factory was build in the outskirts of Zeist. CPE organized the opening at which for the first time she coordinated with The Catering Company from Zeist (very well!) and also she cooperated with Roland de Boer. He was our favourite tent supplier at De Boer Tenten which was sold by the family some years ago. Roland has neatly waited until his compete year was finished (I recognize this) and has taken over Intertent from Beverwijk. Also in this case everything was very much okay.

Well, enough plumes are distributed to the suppliers. And the clients were they happy? Wouter van Veluw: “in 4 years time we exist 70 years. Please note this in your agenda”. Thanks a lot and it’s noted.
Originally posted at 12-7-2008

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