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Jubilee contracts for CISKA PETERS EVENTS
Posted by Pim ter Linde , June 24 at 13:27
Three different companies gave Ciska Peters Events contract for organizing the festivities around the celebration of their memorable dates. At the 65-year anniversary of Silver Factory VAN VELUW in Zeist, the opening of new premises at the end of this month will be combined with a jubilee party for 800 guests.

HAMSTRA, the market leader in hor systems from Almere, next year celebrates the 100-year anniversary with 700 guests in Hotel Figi in Zeist and also in 2009, the VVNH, the Vereniging van Nederlandse Houtondernemingen (Dutch Association of Timber Enterprises), raise a glass on its 100-year anniversary with 500 guests in Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk. Ciska Peters Events is responsible for all three events for the full-service organization.
Originally posted at 24-6-2008

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