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To take a little fork*** in Zwolle
Posted by Pim ter Linde , June 12 at 08:43
It was high time to take our sailing office Green Queen out of the Frisian winter storage. And because we had to eat on our trip to Huizen we had foreseen this and made a reservation at the Librije in Zwolle last year in July. This is the usual term for it. The Librije is one of two restaurants in the Netherlands with three stars in the Guide Michelin. When you have to make the reservation such a long time in advance, the expectations are getting higher and higher. Years ago, when there was only one star behind their name, we had already been there and it was really top. So full of expectations we walked inside.

Well, everything is now in the superlatives: the reception, the ambiance and a smoothly operating black brigade.
For us they reserved a pleasant table with a half round 'love-seat " where you could sit comfortably. With the aperitif (manzanilla!) Chief Jonnie - and partner Thérèse Boer explained the menu’s and wines. And then the evening feast began with a bombardment of seven or eight amuses. The following Menu Librije sets the tone with an incredibly tasty dish with oyster, foie gras, oloroso cream and fennel and ended in absolute major with a delicious creation of a.o. Epoisses cheese. These are three superlatives in a sentence. It should not be madder.

No critical little note this time? No, the Librije *** is the top!
The next day it was of course merciless kicking down with the speciality of Mrs Peters: French beans, cutlets and baked potatoes. We're down-to-earth again.

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