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Entertainment on cruise ships
Posted by Ciska Peters , June 12 at 08:42
After our search for incentive possibilities in Miami we persecuted our study with an examination of the current entertainment on a cruise ship. In my singing carreer I have performed many times on the "Black Prince" (750 passengers) of the Fred Olsen Lines on a 12-day cruise from Rotterdam via Lisbon, Madeira, almost all the Canary Islands and then back again. Cruise director the legendary Bill Speckman. And always booked by Lou van Rees. Usually as the only artist plus a band. But there was also an unforgettable "Margriet"-journey with Albert Mol, Willy Alberti and Johnny Jordaan aboard. Now that I am writing this I realize that all five are now deceased. You do understand that at that time I was very young and it also (hopefully) has nothing to do with cruising.

We embarked now in Miami on the "Century" (1750 passengers) from Celebrity Cruises to go via the Bahamas and Bermuda and make a trans-Atlantic crossing of 6 days on the sea, and ending via Cherbourg, Le Havre and Dover in Amsterdam. The modern cruise industry is a tightly organized happening with the greatest attention to food and entertainment. Whatever Bill Speckman previously did with one assistant, the modern cruise director has a staff of 25 men at his disposal. Plus the artists. Some 40 people. At the gala evenings there is a ballet of 12 persons on the stage of a very advanced theatre. There are 3 or 4 bands, as many comedians and a number of international popular and classical solists on board.

But when during this week there was a wind force 5 (where are we talking about!), the entire show was cancelled. "Due to circumstances of the weather". Look, Bill Speckman had nothing to do with this. With wind force 7: "You must hold on to the fishing net above your head. Come on, go for it!"
Look, those were the days……

The Theatre of the Century from Celebrity Cruises
Food: first making pictures , then having a bite

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